What types of events will be included in the VermontVacation.com calendar? Events should:
  • Take place for a specified and limited period of time. Events can occur over a period of months, i.e. a special exhibit at a museum or for just a few a hours. Events must have an end date in order to be included in the calendar. 
  • Be above and beyond what your business normally offers. For example, tour companies would not be eligible to post their daily tours. They should instead add their business to our Directory.  
  • Be appropriate for out of state visitors as well as for local Vermonters. Events like community meetings or anything that would not be of interest to someone from out of state will not be approved for inclusion in the calendar. 
  • Showcase the unique character of Vermont. 
  • Vermont events should be accessible to all. If you’d like information about creating an accessible event, please review the Guide to Accessible Events, created by UVM's Center on Disability and Community Inclusion.
Note on listing approval: The Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing reserves the right to edit your event details in order to optimize your listing.