Trapp Family Lodge

700 Trapp Hill Rd., Stowe, VT
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Embark on an adventure at Trapp Family Lodge, where stunning mountain views and 2,600 acres of trails await your exploration. Whether experiencing one of their many property tours from von Trapp History, Maple Sugar, Bird Watching, Farm and Brewery Tours, to enjoying hiking, biking, or embracing the winter wonderland with skiing and snowshoeing, outdoor enthusiasts will find endless excitement. Indulge in the rich flavors of Austria at four restaurants and taste the unique brews of our family-crafted von Trapp lagers. Immerse yourself in cultural heritage with concerts throughout the warmer months that echo the von Trapp family's legacy. From the comfort of their cozy rooms, Guest Houses, and private villas to the rejuvenating experiences at the spa and outdoor pools, Trapp Family Lodge is a destination where every moment is an attraction, offering a blend of adventure, gastronomy, and relaxation in the heart of Vermont's natural beauty.