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Sneakers Bistro

28 Main Street, Winooski, VT

Fun and friendly breakfast and lunch gathering spot for over 40 years. Located in lively downtown Winooski, Vermont, Sneakers Bistro is famous for its award-winning food, relaxed atmosphere, and friendly waitstaff. Next time you're in the Burlington area—step into Sneakers! You'll see why both locals and visitors return again and again for the best breakfast, lunch, and brunch around!

Maple 100 at Sneakers Bistro

Of course they always serve the classics: waffles, pancakes, and french toast--the things you wouldn't dream of enjoying without the delicious drizzle of maple--but Sneakers Bistro also encourages you to smother your fried chicken or douse your homefries or sweeten your coffee with the good stuff. And there are any number of cocktails we love to feature! They go through bucketfuls of maple syrup every week. The maple syrup is at every table: no charge for extra syrup, no judgement for wanting more. The question "Do you have any sugar-free syrup?" is met with confused stares from their staff.
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