Middlebury Snowbowl

6886 Rte. 125, Hancock, VT
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Welcome to Middlebury Snowbowl, where Vermont's winter charm meets adrenaline. Nestled in Middlebury, it is more than a ski resort – it's a vibrant community with its first trails cut on Worth Mountain back in 1934. The diverse slopes cater to all skill levels, offering a unique blend of thrilling descents and Vermont hospitality. Middlebury Snowbowl is proud to be one of only two mountains in Vermont offering lift-serviced night skiing, enhancing adventures under the stars.

Perched in the picturesque Green Mountains, Middlebury Snowbowl is a destination that goes beyond the slopes. Visitors can immerse themselves in après-ski culture at the cozy lodge, savor local brews, and relish hearty Vermont fare. As a Vermont original, sustainability is its pledge, ensuring a pristine winter wonderland for future generations. The Snowbowl invites everyone to join on the edge of adventure, where every moment embodies the true essence of Vermont's winter magic.