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Camping on the Battenkill

48 Camping on Battenkill, Arlington, VT
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Camping on the Battenkill is a quiet, nature-orientated campground on 38 acres that offers large spacious private sites in forest, river or large open field area. The beauty of The Battenkill and Roaring Branch rivers can be experienced throughout the varied terrain of the campground. Life does not get better than this. A natural swimming hole with a beach lies in the midst of the campground with all campers having access to it for long summer days. Campers can also enjoy tubing and canoeing on the river as well as basking in the sun, or taking their pets for long walks through the forest. The Battenkill is noted as an exceptional trout stream for fishing and guided fishing tours are offered on the campground. On rainy days, campers can take a covered bridge tour nearby the campground. Camping on the Battenkill offers a mobile honey wagon service for campers who require longer stays. Great WIFI for those who work from home. The campground is well known for creating memories and experiences that last a lifetime. Book your stay to start making memories.