Great Vermont Corn Maze

1404 Wheelock Rd., Danville, VT
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Come early and spend the day at New England's largest and most complex maze attraction, voted the #2 maze in America. Each year features new designs and surprises, including two mazes, miles of pathways, towering corn walls, 100 feet of bridges, a 3,000-square-foot indoor blacklight maze, an underground tunnel, emergency exits, and panoramic views of Vermont.

The 24-acre Big Maze typically takes two to three hours to solve. For a shorter adventure, the Scenic Maze offers a 45-minute walk with all the highlights of the Big Maze but without the "cornfusion." One admission covers both mazes.

The PRETENDIN Play Area is a perfect reward for young maze-goers, featuring Kid Village, Barnyard Golf, Gopher Tunnels, Old Tread Mountain, and friendly goats. Pack a picnic and enjoy a full day on the farm.

Open from August 1st to mid-October, August is peak maze season when the corn is at its tallest and most challenging. Tickets are sold online, with the last admission at noon due to the size of the attraction.