Saint Anne's Shrine

92 St. Anne's Rd., Isle La Motte, VT

A religious and historical attraction located on Lake Champlain. Site of the former Fort St. Anne, the oldest settlement and where the first Catholic Mass was celebrated in Vermont.

Pilgrimage season is May-October, with outdoor weekend Masses and daily Masses during July and August. The gift shop sells religious items, books, and local products. History room, visitor center, beach, dock, and picnic tables. No admission cost.

With over 30 acres of property, the Mother’s Garden, Way of the Cross, various saint statues in grottos, and outdoor pavilion provide a tranquil place to pray. The statue of St. Anne in the A-frame, grotto of Mary, and the Chapel, built in 1909, have devotional candles and space for private prayer. Hosts religious retreats and a Summer Reflection series during July and August. Pancake breakfast 9am-12pm on the second Sunday of each month through September. Lunch is available July and August when Reflection Series is offered.

Groups welcome with a reservation. Saint Anne’s Shrine is under the sponsorship of the Society of Saint Edmund.