Vermont Brewers Association

54 Bridge St., Richmond, VT

The Vermont Brewers Association, founded in 1995, is dedicated to promoting and strengthening the culture of craft brewing in Vermont through marketing, education, and advocacy for Vermont-made beer. As a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, they embody Vermonters' deep respect for authenticity and quality.

Vermont's ascent to being one of the world's premier beer destinations was not overnight. It was built by a generation of revered pioneers and a new breed of innovators. Wherever you go in Vermont, you’ll find different styles, different tastes, and a common bond. And with every new taste, you’ll get to know the flavor of our state a little better. From the brewers who led the way, establishing our craft, to a new generation of taprooms waiting to be discovered.

Their quest for the perfect pint is driven by a passionate and inquisitive spirit. They delve deeper, explore further, all to create beers that stand apart. Discover Beer Worth Finding through a brewery trail network, premier brewers festival, and proudly represent Vermont beer with their merchandise.