Farm Craft VT

6608 Route 116, Shelburne, VT
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Becca and Tim Lindenmeyr have been farming and crafting botanical products for 25 years. Together they combine science, art and the landscape to create practical and beautiful products.

The goal with Farm Craft is to create a line of all-natural ‘essential’ products that are manufactured from raw materials which are grown and processed on the farm's 15-acres, with as few long-distance (supply-chain dependent, carbon-heavy) ingredients as possible, while still supporting other local farms and biodiverse habitats.

It is part of a movement to form a local micro-economy that extends beyond food. Botanical body care and household products are based on herbs and seed oils (sunflower, hemp) – everything from cleansers and lotions to toothpaste and deodorant, to biodegradable laundry and dish soaps.