Barr Hill at Caledonia Spirits

116 Gin Ln., Montpelier, VT

Caledonia Spirits, based in Montpelier, Vermont, is the maker of Barr Hill Gin, America’s Most Awarded Gin. Founded by a Vermont beekeeper, the distillery uses local honey as the key contributor of botanical depth in all its spirits. Caledonia Spirits produces Barr Hill Gin, barrel-aged Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Gin, and Barr Hill Vodka — at its state-of-the-art, sustainable distillery in Montpelier.

Barr Hill’s Distillery, located on the aptly named “Gin Lane'' in Montpelier, Vermont, is dedicated to crafting world class spirits that build the connection between agriculture and cocktail culture. The distillery’s Landcrafted approach honors the bounty of the land, the labor of farmers and the pivotal role of bees in agriculture.