Barre Opera House

6 North Main St., Barre, VT

The Barre Opera House hosts close to 100 events each year, from local performers to internationally renowned entertainers, and is the cornerstone of Barre and central Vermont’s premier performing arts. The theater’s rich history and architectural beauty serve as a wonderful venue for modern entertainment from rock and roll to ballet, from symphony to community theater. The Barre Opera House is as vibrant today as it was a century ago.

For 45 years, the Opera House served as performance space and community gathering site. The rise of modern movie theaters caused the Barre Opera House to close its doors in 1944, not to open again for almost 40 years. Community interest and support led to its re-opening 1982 and the Barre Opera House has continued its work on restoration and renovation since.

The Opera House hosts summer theater camps and student matinées, where children can experience performing arts first-hand. The Opera House provides a much-needed performance space for many Vermont arts groups and is accessible to those with physical and hearing disabilities.