Hope Cemetery

201 Maple Ave, Barre, VT

A must stop when visiting Barre, Hope Cemetery contains memorials and tombstones crafted by the finest granite carvers in the world. This outdoor art gallery features whimsical, ornate, haunting and heart-wrenching statuary hewn from granite that comes from the quarries in the surrounding hillsides. The artistry and craftsmanship is undeniable and a tribute to the artisans who left their eternal mark on Barre, as well as to those who are interred here.

Established in 1895, and consisting of 53 acres, Hope Cemetery was designed by the renowned landscape architect Edward P. Adams. It has since grown in size to 65 acres, and there are more than 10,000 tombstones and memorials located inside. All stones are made from "Barre Grey" granite. The cemetery is a common tourist destination, and has been referred to as a "Gallery of granite artistry," a "sculpture garden" and a "Huge outdoor museum." Guided tours are available, and driving or walking through the cemetery to look at the sculptures and memorials is encouraged.