2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Vermont

Alpine Hall - Kitchen & Cocktails

7412 Mountain Rd., Stowe, VT
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After a nearly $ 6million renovation over the past year, Spruce Peak is excited to introduce two new culinary experiences to guests and the community in 2022: Tipsy Trout and Alpine Hall.

At Alpine Hall, Vermont mountain culture is celebrated by bringing the work of the region’s best growers, farmers, makers and artisans to their family tables and grand bar. Chef Sean Blomgren has crafted a simple, yet highly elevated menu that combines the best ingredients and a hand-crafted ethos. Their purpose is to connect people over memorable food & drink, whether it’s a pre-ski family breakfast, a gathering with friends over VT IPAs after a great day on the hill, or sharing stories with family over a communal meal.

Gather around a table at Alpine Hall and rekindle your nostalgia for memories and moments spent together.